Merjio: Centralized Data Aggregation Platform

Empower your manufacturing operations with Merjio, Lanware's Centralized Data Aggregation Platform. Discover how Lanware's cutting-edge Centralized Data Aggregation Platform transforms the manufacturing IoT industry by providing real-time data analysis, monitoring, and management for dispensing equipment, vending machines, and cashless systems.



  • content-imageReal-time data analysis for proactive decision-making and operational optimization.
  • content-imageStreamlined asset and inventory management for efficient tracking and optimization of resources.
  • content-imageCentralized device management for enhanced control and scalability of IoT devices.
  • content-imageIntegrated reporting for comprehensive insights into operational performance and areas for improvement.
  • content-imageSecure cloud-based infrastructure for seamless data storage, scalability, and accessibility.
  • content-imageMobile application for convenient transactions, personalization, and real-time notifications with connected vending machines.

Asset and Inventory Management: Complete Solution for Maximum Efficiency

Merjio's asset and inventory management feature is a game-changer for manufacturers in the IoT industry. This feature streamlines the management of assets and inventory, ensuring efficient tracking, monitoring, and optimization of resources.

Manufacturers can easily keep track of their dispensing equipment, vending machines, and cashless systems, allowing them to optimize asset utilization and reduce operational costs. With real-time visibility into inventory levels, manufacturers can prevent stockouts, manage replenishments effectively, and minimize wastage.

The centralized nature of the platform enables manufacturers to have a comprehensive view of their assets and inventory across multiple locations, enabling informed decision-making and resource optimization. With Merjio's asset and inventory management feature, manufacturers can streamline their operations, reduce manual efforts, and achieve greater efficiency in their manufacturing processes.

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