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Lanware Solutions is a software development house led by a group of highly experienced professionals along with a team of talented technologists that make world class solutions for it’s customers across the globe.

Proven track record in design and development of enterprise scale applications along with deep expertise in bringing new Electronic Products from concept to market gives Lanware Solutions a unique position in the industry.


  • lanware Dispensing Solution

    For global manufacturers involved in IIoT Vending and Locker Systems, Lanware innovates to provide unmatched solutions. The expertise that we apply for our clients, are in the areas of centralized platforms, providing robust cloud infrastructure, and in the integration of reporting, analytics, and inventory management. continue

  • lanware Maritime

    We make use of our expertise to serve the maritime industry by bringing in professional insight and efficiency for ship management services using IoT technology, for optimum utilization of client resources. Read

  • lanware Health Care

    We help our clients achieve a high level of automation and efficiency, innovate for new products and services, modernize infrastructure, and deliver robust outcomes by maintaining the economy. This is done through our insight-driven approach to healthcare 4.0. View

  • lanware Retail & E Commerce

    We design and develop customized web and mobile applications to power the retail and E-commerce sector by easily integrating order processing, logistics, and payment gateways for trouble-free management of businesses on the move. Show

  • lanware Real Estate

    Having considerable expertise in Digital Transformation – driven real estate software development, Lanware Solutions is in a unique position to bring the most complex real estate ideas from the whiteboard into the market. Our services encompass design, coding, testing, system integration, and product sustainability. Check Out

  • lanware Building Automation

    Our next-generation IoT technology coupled with smart cloud-based automation enables easy access and control of home appliances and devices to facilitate cost-saving, energy efficiency, and better functionality, along with easy management. Tell Me

  • lanware Education

    Lanware's bespoke e-learning software developers produce solutions for higher education institutions, colleges/universities, primary schools, trade schools, high schools, enterprise-level organizations, and small and medium-sized businesses. Find Out

  • lanware Insurance

    Eliminate old software, automate manual activities, decrease human mistakes, enhance customer experience, and get more clients, lower operational expenses, and boost income. We assist insurance firms to improve their operations and become digital. browse

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We Identify our customer's bottlenecks and provide with the best-fit solution for our customer's business.

Our team ensures that the solutions we provide are not only suitable for your current needs, but is also scalable to future requirements.

With over 10 plus years of expertise, we know how to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions on time and within budget.

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'Lots of people think that success is a linear path. When they look at success, they look at the end result, jumping to the outcome and skipping over the boring, hard stuff that must have happened along the way.

But the path to success isn’t straight. Success is achieved through a series of twists and turns, through a series of challenges that must have been solved, not through one brilliant move.'
Rejo Therakathu
Chief Operating Officer
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