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Enhance your vending experience with our versatile solutions, designed for both traditional and industrial environments. From snacks to specialized equipment, find the perfect fit for your needs. Explore our offerings and upgrade your business today!

Elevate Convenience: Explore Traditional & Industrial Vending Solutions!

Vending Machine Technology Specialists

Dedicated specialists in vending machine technology, innovating and optimizing solutions.

Deep understanding of advancements to ensure forefront technological excellence, delivering seamless user experiences and operational efficiency.

Market Competitiveness and Optimization

We offer agile development methodologies coupled with robust operational support to adapt swiftly to evolving market demands. 


Our proactive approach enables us to fine-tune your vending solutions promptly, ensuring they remain competitive and optimized for maximum performance. 

Agile Development and Operational Support

Achieve and sustain market competitiveness with our strategic optimization solutions tailored to your unique business needs. 

Trust our expertise to keep your business ahead of the curve in a dynamic marketplace.


Dedicated and Skilled Team

Our dedicated team of 70+ vending machine experts brings unparalleled skill and dedication to every project. 

With diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in the field, our specialists collaborate seamlessly to deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations. 


Product Range

Our traditional vending offerings encompass a wide array of products designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From classic snacks and beverages to fresh food options, we curate a selection that satisfies cravings and fuels productivity.



With strategic placement in high-traffic areas such as office buildings, schools, and public facilities, our traditional vending machines provide convenient access to refreshments whenever and wherever needed. 


User Interaction

Interacting with our traditional vending machines is effortless and intuitive. With user-friendly interfaces and clear product displays, customers can easily browse through available options and make selections with confidence. 



Industrial vending machines optimize inventory, track usage, and streamline replenishment with advanced technology, real-time data, and automated alerts.

Product Range

Our industrial vending solutions offer a comprehensive selection of supplies and equipment tailored to meet the unique needs of industrial settings. From safety gear and tools to maintenance supplies and consumables, we provide essential resources to support operational efficiency and safety compliance.


Strategically deployed within manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and industrial complexes, our industrial vending machines serve as centralized hubs for accessing critical supplies on-demand. 


User Interaction

Designed with the demands of industrial environments in mind, our vending interfaces prioritize durability, functionality, and ease of use. Intuitive navigation and robust construction ensure that even in challenging conditions, users can quickly locate and retrieve the items they need to keep operations running smoothly. 



Our industrial vending machines are equipped with advanced technology to optimize inventory management, track usage patterns, and streamline replenishment processes. 

Traditional & Industrial OEMs​

Comprehensive Solutions for Traditional and Industrial Vending OEMs: Consulting, Testing as a Service, Feasibility Studies, Proof of Concept Development, and Program Management.

Embedded Hardware Solutions​

  • ​Hardware & Firmware​​
  • Vending Machine Control Board Development​​
  • Single Board Control Board Development​​
  • Weighing scale board development​​
  • Vend sensor board development​​
  • Peripherals Integrations (Payment devices, displays, cameras, etc.)​

Software Solutions

  • VMMS​​
  • VM UI​​
  • Mobile Apps (End users, Admin)​​
  • Application Integrations​​
  • Payment System Integrations​​
  • 3rd party integrations​​


Hardware Expertise

Control Board Design and Development: Our team has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing control boards specifically tailored for vending machines. These control boards incorporate advanced microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators to enable seamless operation and communication between various vending machine components.
Vend Sensor Integration: We specialize in integrating high-precision vend sensors into vending machines to accurately detect product dispensing events. Our expertise in sensor selection, placement, and calibration ensures reliable and consistent vending performance, minimizing errors and downtime.
Payment System Integration: Our hardware engineers have expertise in integrating a variety of payment systems into vending machines, including coin validators, bill acceptors, card readers, and contactless payment modules. We ensure secure and seamless transaction processing, enhancing the convenience and accessibility of vending services.

Firmware Development

Embedded Software Development: Our firmware engineers specialize in developing embedded software for vending machine control boards, implementing functionalities such as inventory management, payment processing, user interface interactions, and communication protocols.
Real-Time Data Processing: We leverage advanced algorithms and real-time data processing techniques to optimize vending machine operations, including dynamic pricing strategies, inventory replenishment algorithms, and predictive maintenance algorithms.
Remote Monitoring and Management: Our firmware solutions support remote monitoring and management capabilities, enabling operators to monitor vending machine status, collect operational data, and perform diagnostics and troubleshooting tasks remotely via a centralized platform.

Platform Building Expertise

Cloud-Based Vending Management Platform: We offer expertise in building cloud-based vending management platforms that provide operators with real-time visibility into their vending machine fleet, centralized control and configuration capabilities, predictive analytics, and actionable insights for business optimization.
Mobile and Web Applications: Our platform development team creates intuitive mobile and web applications for vending operators, route drivers, and end-users, enabling seamless interaction with vending machines, cashless payments, personalized promotions, and loyalty programs.
API Integration and Customization: We provide API integration services to seamlessly integrate vending management platforms with third-party systems such as ERP software, inventory management systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. We also offer customization services to tailor the platform to meet specific business requirements and workflows.

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  • EOL Component Replacement​ 
  • Price Management 


  • Custom integrations
  • Domain Knowledge 
  • Skillset Availability 
  • Legacy Platforms
Program Management
  • GTM Deadlines 
  • Vendor Management
Common Problems
  • IP Management 
  • New Age Tech 
  • Rapid POC Development 
  • Mapping Concepts to Markets
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