Enterprise Application Development - The New Frontiers

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09 Feb , 2022

Enterprise Application Development

EAD or Enterprise Application Development is a buzzword in the IT circles. With the global spend on enterprise application development predicted to reach close to $430 billion by 2022, every enterprise, small and big, is leaving no stone unturned to capture a share of this lucrative business space.

While its use, spreading across a variety of industries is known, lesser known is the positive impact that it could create on organizations and their finances.

While reduced process time, a centralized data system and enhanced collaboration between departments are the major advantages of an Enterprise Application, many other factors also add to the growing demand for Enterprise Applications that can benefit organizations immensely in the long run.

While an ERP software integrates the various departments within an organization into a single entity, it also improves efficiency and visibility, keeping in mind various business aspects.

The variants of an enterprise application software can impact Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management and many other vital functions of an organization. In each of these areas, an ideal application can improve processes and outcomes and create tangible results for an organization.

There is no doubt on the standing that the pros in favour of the enterprise applications outweigh the cons. Still, there is a critical need to conduct a thorough market-based research before developing an application and understanding its deeper implications in the long run, in evolving a fool-proof system. Competitor analysis, user needs, project risks, legislation, security and scalability and many such important facets need to be scrutinized.


Due diligence is a mandatory aspect that any enterprise application development company must follow before embarking on the development process, with the pre development phase that is deeply research oriented. This will help in mitigating risks and in taking corrective action without complicating the development life cycle.

For an enterprise software development firm, Enterprise mobility is as important a term when we talk of EAD. With mobile being the first point of access, developing bespoke software to improve businesses is, in a way, EAD. Mobile has in a way eclipsed the desktop or laptop and the demand for newer applications on the mobile would only continue to grow.

An enterprise application development company must employ user focused procedures, be effective in what it does, have enough creativity to highlight the app, must possess outstanding tech skills, must employ an agile development process and also have a sound understanding of cross platform development.

EAD offers its own set of advantages. There is increased employee engagement, less redundancy, improved efficiency and better coordination which in turn leads to value addition. Tasks no longer look mundane and employees feel that they are working on better things.

An enterprise application is thus a highly effective tool that busts traditional myths about automation and generates better outcomes.

Critical among the varied features of an enterprise Application are Automation, cutting edge AI or Machine Learning Technology, Data Management, IoT, Emerging Technologies, App Security and Accessible Education Documentation.

Irrespective of size, it can be deployed to solve some of the most pressing problems, even on the move.

We only need to understand it better to make it work better.

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