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A web application is an interactive app built using web development technologies that users can access from their browser. They are delivered over a network through the internet while engaging users and prioritizing responsive interactions. Web apps have front-end and back-end web development technologies. While web apps are closely related to websites, web development, and web app development share characteristics that are common.

Web app development qualifies web-based projects to act and perform similar to mobile apps.

Lanware’s end-to-end Web Application Development Services comprise software development, maintenance, and modernization in a systematic approach that keeps customers in the loop at every stage. Our Custom Application Development Services assure high performance coupled with scalability while effortlessly meeting your business needs over time.

Understanding the steps that are described below helps you acquire clarity of the development process while gaining control over various projects, providing inputs and feedback, thus leading to products that are best in class.

Definition of a problem to be solved using the web application and gathering relevant information constitutes the first step. Clarifying the purpose and end goals for the application is a vital part of this step, especially in the Custom Web Application process.

There will be an identification and research of the target audience who would use the app. If employees too are a part of the audience, competitor analysis will be carried out to find gaps and make the app stand out from the rest.

The Planning part will address what the app needs to do to solve the defined problem, the features and functions it would have and the resources needed to build it. Appropriate tools, platforms, and frameworks needed to build the application would be chosen. Realistic milestones and deadlines would be set, based on discussion with the customer.

In the designing phase, a prototype or a wireframe is created, for communicating the solution to the target users. The base of the design would be the aspects that provide an easy and structured user experience, which is also enjoyed. The wireframe is then presented to potential users to record feedback. Modifications are made until a point of satisfaction.

Post designing, the application is built using many steps that include Database creation, front-end development, and backend development. Alternatively, developers can start coding from scratch. The earlier one learns the better approach, the better the understanding of the choices made.

Coding from scratch offers flexibility and is dependent on a longer completion time along with a high level of expertise. Lanware, with its expertise as a Web Application Development Company, is adept in understanding the process at each step to deliver delightful products and services to its clients.

Quality Assurance Testing, manual or automated for web applications is an ongoing and continuous process. The testing will be many parameters including functionality, compatibility, security, usability, and performance. Rigorous tests to eliminate bugs also occur parallel to ensure smooth functioning without glitches. Tests for improvements and upgrades for the future are also a part of the process. After testing gives the go-ahead, implementation can happen, internally or for the customers, for which a clear communication strategy is important to put in the market.

A domain needs to be bought for creating a server location for the application and a hosting provider must be chosen. A shared, dedicated, or cloud hosting service could be picked up based on need.

Maintenance, post-implementation, includes ongoing and continuous QA testing, fixing errors, adding new features based on feedback, and periodic updation along with technical support. As a Web Application Development Company, Lanware creates applications that meet standards of the highest order to give its customers value addition in every phase.



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