Remote Auto Deployment of Product Data



Architecting and implementing advanced cloud infrastructure for Industrial IoT solution (automated dispensing solution for vending and locker systems).

Client Requirement:

A Proof of Concept for remote auto deployment of product was required to facilitate exchange and retrieval of product information over the cloud.

Our Solution:

A web based, cloud ready software solution using MQTT protocol was deployed to the Amazon Cloud Infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Source static product information with product name, price, product image, calorie and category.
  • Prepare Product XML and Select XML from available product details and assignment.
  • Remotely deploy product information to the SBC via internet connectivity (via MQTT).
  • A suitable architecture was put in place where in an MQTT broker could facilitate the exchange of data between the MQTT subscriber and the MQTT publisher and data would be exchanged between the Local Data Store and the App Data Store.
  • The protocol enabled subscription and publishing of required data between devices through the MQTT broker.


.net, Sql Server, AWS Cloud Services

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