Internet of Things (IoT)

Arguably, one of the most dynamic and path-breaking developments in the Information Technology space is the concept of IoT. IoT moves beyond traditional networking terminology to connect a range of appliances and devices that have an impact on daily lives. In simple terms, it is all about connecting home appliances, traffic signals, medical devices, street lights, and more such ones with specific purposes.

Lanware is a proven IoT Application Development Company and therefore provides IoT development services to enterprises and firms in the consumer electronic space. We help our clients in building smart gadgets and support them in their digital transformation process using sensors, firmware, and IoT platforms and create the required infrastructure (embedded, mobile and web) for customized IoT solutions.

Making lives more convenient and comfortable is one of the main features of IoT and this is reflected in the consumer IoT arena. As an IoT Development Company, Lanware has the proficiency and specific skill sets to develop exclusive IoT solutions that make homes better. Our prowess in IoT technology helps in monitoring well-being and also keeps a tab on physical activity while giving features of convenience for those who may find it difficult otherwise.

We have built solutions that can control and manage multiple appliances and devices in the consumer segment giving our customers the time and the awareness to leverage the power of technology thus sealing our place as an established IoT Application Development Company. Lanware’s sphere of activity also goes into hardware design, embedded apps, cloud platforms, web and mobile solutions.

The industrial segment is different from the consumer segment from a point of view of IoT only in terms of the application. Lanware, a name to reckon with as an IoT Development Company, is a one-stop-shop for OEMs in this category looking to add smart capabilities to analog equipment, automate manufacturing processes, keep track of high-value assets, and increase production capacity with IoT industry solutions. Smart devices may be deployed in construction vehicles, supply chain robotics, solar and wind power, agricultural sensor systems, smart irrigation, and more. These IIoT applications have one thing in common in the sense that they are deployed in challenging environments.

We are passionate about changing the way automation works in the residential and commercial segments and associated spaces. We change convention bringing a smart technology solution that makes lives more convenient, calm, and easy. We specialize in home and building automation systems that make your spaces connected, intuitive and safe. As an IoT Software Development Company, we combine our unique approaches in design and installation, our expertise, our customer-focused approach, and high-quality product offerings and services to help you experience all the benefits of customized technology solutions that can change the way you live in your personal spaces.

If there is one area that adds value to human life in the application of IoT, it is healthcare. IoT has transformed the concept of healthcare by securely connecting devices, accessing critical records, facilitating their storage and retrieval, enabling the generation of real-time reports, and much more. Being an IoT Application Development Company, Lanware designs IoT healthcare devices along with their supporting software, full-fledged operating systems, drivers, cloud-based data analytics tools, medical device interfaces, and mobile apps. With our team of experts, customers will be able to navigate the stringent healthcare security standards and rely on the power of intelligent technology to harness services that make lives healthier.


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