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Redefine your service licensing and service delivery by either building a new advanced SaaS solution or enabling SaaS for your existing solution

Embracing SaaS solutions helps in various ways to boost your business including the seamless upgrades for your products and services, quick service provisioning and helps for long term relationships with your customers.

As part of the right digital transformation in enterprises, legacy systems and services are required to get updated to meet the needs and expectations of present and future.

Most of the legacy systems or services built as monolithic applications and would be difficult to expose the features as it is in the new age programming interfaces. Modernization of such system with rearchitecting or rebuilding by employing modern technologies and frameworks ensures that your solutions are future ready.

Continuous updates and innovation to existing product lines are especially important to sustain and improve the customer experience. Product life cycle can be shortened by employing cutting edge technology solutions.

Managing and supporting your existing line of products by assessing the potential improvements on features and processes directly helps to extend the life of products and also to retain the customers

Many off-the-shelf solutions would be inadequate to meet the exact business requirements of many enterprises as it may not satisfy to serve the specific needs.

We offer customized application development to design and develop software solutions catering to unique set of requirements of the organizations. The areas of expertise includes but not limited to enterprise process management, connected and smart systems, supply chain management and analytics.
Customer Success Stories
Smart Device Management Solution

Undertook product engineering of smart device management solution for a leading Manufacturer in US. Objective of the project was to implement a centralized application to provision, configure, enable transaction processing and reporting for thousands of connected devices deployed across the globe.

Minimum viable product with basic features went live in record 18 months. The associated applications and services were deployed with a scalable and highly available architecture using cloud infrastructure services. The use of advanced Industrial IoT technologies ensured seamless integration of data from remote machines in the most secure way and enabled authorized administrators to visualize real time device data including connectivity, health status, alerts, notifications, and recommended actions.

IoT enabled inventory management system

Customer approached us with a problem statement to manage optimum inventory levels in connected vending machines. A holistic solution using IoT principles was adopted where in real time stock check algorithm compares current stock against restock level to automatically trigger replenishment order to third party services. It helped end customers in a big way to save time to restock and maximize productivity.

Asset Management and Tracking solution

A complete asset management solution was developed for large enterprises to digitize the management of their valuable assets. Solution covers the entire lifecycle of an asset like creation, assignment, re-assignment, notification for periodic maintenance, retirement, integration with finance system etc.

Shift management system

Industries like hospitality and manufacturing follow multiple shifts for their workforce to increase productivity and at times it becomes a huge task to maintain the roaster and allocate resources based on shift timings. A simple but yet efficient system was implemented for hospitality industry where an administrator can create and manage shift schedules with all the flexible options needed. Admin can then assign employees to one or more shift schedules.

Centralized biometric authentication (2-way server side matching)

Large enterprises with multiple work locations need centralized authentication of its work force to implement access control efficiently. Using third party SDK and server side matching algorithm, a seamless solution was implemented for a US customer.

Over-the-air firmware update

Updating latest firmware releases to connected machines that are geographically distributed across the globe was a huge challenge to one of our customers. An over-the-air firmware update solution was provided where a global admin can selectively release the update from anywhere.