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We provide advanced firmware design and development services for consumer electronics, IoT and other industrial solutions. Our extensive experience with hardware, operating systems, low-level diagnostic and performance tools helps to build cost effective projects in faster pace and achieve higher performance

We offer custom firmware development services for wide range of 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit micro controllers and have experience in both bare-metal and RTOS based firmware development.

Our Board Support Package development capabilities includes full BSP development including boot loaders, device drivers, libraries and applications to meet the requirements of the bespoke embedded solutions

We also offers architecture porting and board porting for linux or RTOS platforms to custom devices that ensure the successful performance of the operating system, all the peripherals and associated modules and components

Many embedded solutions demand powerful front end application with intuitive user interfaces for a seamless interaction for the end users to facilitate an easy operation of the intended features of the system.

The UI/UX for the custom-built embedded solutions are based on the specific functions on the device and specific requirements of the user. So, it requires experience and knowledge in both the advanced UI/UX design and good exposure to various development platforms and libraries where we have good expertise in platforms like QT, Linux and Android

Lighting Automation

  1. Smart switch design & development
  2. Dimmer/ RGB controls
  3. Power measurement 
  4. Wi-Fi / Z-Wave  interface
  5. Cloud interface

Curtain/Shade Control

  1. Curtain control  design & development
  2. Sensor Interface
  3. Wi-Fi interface 
  4. Cloud interface

Gate/Garage Control

  1. Gate control design & development
  2. Sensor Interface
  3. Wi-Fi interface 
  4. Cloud interface

Door Lock Automation

  1. Door Lock Interface design & development
  2. Wi-Fi / Z-Wave  interface
  3. Could interface 

RFID based Solutions

  1. RFID based Access Control Systems
  2. RFID based Asset Tracking Solution
  3. Asset  & Inventory Management
  4. Asset Location Tracking

Sensor Interfaces

  1. Occupancy/Daylight
  2. Vibration 
  3. Temperature and Humidity sensors 

Touch Screen Based Solutions

  1. 7" & 10.1" Screens 
  2. Linux based 
  3. Capacitive touch
  4. QT User Interface Applications
  5. Cloud Interface ready (MQTT, REST)

Credit Card Terminal

  1. Credit card terminal Integration design & development
  2. USB interface 
  3. Credit card Gateway integration 
  4. Cloud interface

Fingerprint Reader Interface

  1. Fingerprint reader interface design & development
  2. 1:N matching
  3. Server side matching 

Barcode & QR code interface

  1. Barcode reader interface
  2. USB interface
  3. Cloud interface

Printer Interface

  1. Printer interface design & development
  2. USB interface

SBC Interface

  1. Single Board Computer Interface
  2. Linux/ Android  based solutions
  3. Raspberry pi / Odroid Based solutions