With Cloud becoming a catalyst for change in the IT domain for companies across the globe in terms of reliability, security and speed, we have harnessed the power of this space to create and deliver efficient Enterprise Cloud Solutions, across public, private, and hybrid cloud models.

Along with SaaS, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) are gaining popularity as cloud services, helping organizations reduce overheads related to infrastructure. Companies are turning to the cloud through a deeper understanding of the concept of a shift is still way from a majority. Nevertheless, the cloud is driving change and is becoming an integral part of life, at least when used in combination with technology. Lanware, by virtue of being an Enterprise Cloud Provider, helps organizations accept the change and adopt technology solutions that boost performance.

A better understanding of Cloud Infrastructure also requires a better comprehension of Cloud Computing which can be in simple terms, called a Distributed Digital Infrastructural Resource that allows delivery of hosted services over the internet. It has five main elements-networking, Data Management, Storage, devices, and services.

That the computing, storage, networking, and integration capabilities of the cloud services are owned by the vendor and are most often available as a subscription-based model or pay on-demand basis is another characteristic feature.

Cloud Infrastructure management must provide business scalability and at the same time consolidate IT resources and enable a variety of users to share the same infrastructure without compromising each other’s data. In the long run, this impacts operating costs, which are lowered.

In the public cloud, Lanware has certified resources for services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud platform. In the private cloud domain, VM Ware and Red Hat-based solutions are areas where we have built our capabilities. As Enterprise Cloud Providers, we have our capabilities firmly built on all these types.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions are gaining popularity as they facilitate operation across all modes-on premises, public and private.

We enable Cloud Migration Services by devising appropriate strategies that are aligned to the organizational preferences by implementing them effectively to bring about a seamless transformation from an on-premise setup to the cloud. We draw out a clear roadmap, address migration requirements and provide end-to-end assistance in all the stages of the migration process that ensure continuity of business, reduced downtime, and lowering of costs.

As far as Cloud Services Architecture is concerned, foolproof and flexible cloud technology is essential for enterprises to meet the growing demands that may crop up in the present and the future.

A cost-effective single or multi-cloud solution that is optimized can be formulated, based on the requirements, by selecting and deploying the right strategies that are compatible with microservices or serverless architectures.

Automation in cloud services is significant as there is a shift of services to the cloud and the demands to meet customer requirements go up. With many services migrating to the web and the cloud being a technology of choice, time is a crucial factor. Lanware is an Enterprise Cloud Provider and offers a range of services in this domain.

Lanware’s Enterprise Cloud Solution offers customers expertise and assistance in the automated management and provisioning of cloud services and resources. It is done by using proprietary and open technology tools like IaC (Infrastructure as Code) which help in equipping and deployment of applications and services in an automated manner.



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