Migration of large transactional data store from private data center to Cloud



Migration of large transactional data store from private data center to Cloud

The Client:

Customer is based out of US and one of the largest people who provide ticketing solutions for various events including sports and games.

Client Requirement:

The data store of the customer was spread across 3 different geographic locations and was maintained in their own data centers. The customer was looking for a cost effective solution which provides optimized storage for data where data rarely accessed and optimize many scenarios which can be fulfilled with on-demand data replicas

Our Solution:

Successful migration of the entire data store from on premise geographically distributed data centers to the cloud environment with a close to zero downtime was the major highlight and outcome of the efforts for this project. High Availability & Failover setup was implemented in the new infrastructure. Disaster recovery measures and advanced configuration for the same ensured addressing even the regional failover and fail back.

Key Features:

  • Uses AWS Services including AWS Aurora database cluster.
  • Advanced setup & configuration of database cluster.
  • High availability & Failover.
  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code) for provisioning cloud infrastructure.
  • Monitoring with alarms and notifications.
  • Auto & continuous backups with PITR (Point-in-time recovery).
  • Regional failover and fail back.
  • Highly secured architecture of Infra & database.
  • Seamless integration of DevOps tools.


AWS Aurora database cluster, AWS Lambda, automation scripts, Terraform, database migration scripts.

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