Advanced cloud architecture & deployment for Industrial IoT solution



Architecting and implementing advanced cloud infrastructure for Industrial IoT solution (automated dispensing solution for vending and locker systems).

The Client:

Customer is based out of US and pioneer in manufacturing advanced vending solutions with a large customer base across the globe.

Client Requirement:

Architect & automate the end-to-end deployment to setup a highly optimized, containerized, auto scalable and on-demand cloud infrastructure to facilitate the hosting of staging & production environments.

Our Solution:

A suitable deployment architecture for the Industrial IoT solution was devised with the focus on Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization. It has been considered the design to be cloud-agnostic wherever applicable.

Terraform has been heavily used to automate the provisioning of Infra & services and the IaC is maintained in the version control system. Cross-AZ replication was provided to ensure HA (High Availability)

Key Features:

  • Uses advanced AWS Services that ensures auto scaling and repication.
  • Containerized deployments.
  • Auto deployment of Apps, Services, and SQL/NoSQL database clusters.
  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code) for provisioning of all Infra & Services.
  • Application monitoring with alarms and notifications.
  • Highly secured architecture of Infra & Services.
  • Seamless integration of DevOps tools.


AWS – EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Services), EFS, S3, Redis, RDS - SQL Server (Multi-AZ), Route 53, Cloudfront, VPC, ELB, Lambda, SNS

Mongo DB Cluster, Helm Charts, Terraform, Shell scripts

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