Real Estate



A SaaS Solution for Realtors to effectively generate and manage leads and create new business opportunities.

The Client:

Our client is one of the prominent real estate brokerage firms in Canada with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The firm had invested in technology to help realtors find new business opportunities in the market by way of open house concepts

Client Requirement:

Lead Generation SaaS platform for the Real Estate Industry

Our Solution:

Our Team had developed the platform that assisted our client in generating leads from the open house concept, where customers who are interested in viewing a property can walk in and scan the QR code using the app. These customers would be shown as potential leads to the clients. Our team built a dashboard and reporting system into the software and developed a cross platform mobile application. This made it possible to monitor real time activity and generate insights.


React Js, Node Js, PostgreSQL DB, Flutter

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