Health Care



Innovative Healthcare Solutions using BLE Solutions

The Client:

Being in the healthcare and fitness industry for almost 15+ years,oOur client has been working with healthcare professionals and patients to develop products that produce accurate health results and emphasized on convenience.

Client Requirement:

An innovative Healthcare solution using BLE technology development tools to help patients and healthcare professionals monitor vitals in hospital environment or in the comfort of their home.

Our Solution:

A gateway product based on BLG840F from Fanstel was identified. This is an OTS hardware that can be used as a BLE-Cloud gateway. We developed the entire software stack based on nRF5 SDK and Zephyr RTOS. Development of entire BLE stack and integration of peripherals (NRF52840, NRF9160) was also carried out. Communication with various medical devices like pulse-ox, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, glucometer, blood sugar monitor, several weighing machines etc. was also established. AWS cloud services was used at the cloud side and two-way messaging for status and control was activated. Live data management and storing data onboard a flash database was also facilitated as needed to handle loss of LTE connectivity or intermittent LTE connectivity in remote areas. Custom OTA software and libraries were developed to carry out OTA updates which use effective and highly reliable download mechanism for images.We completed the migration from BLE 4.1(ver.) to 5.1(ver.). Our team used TI micro controller (cc2640) and implemented BLE beacon. As this is an ongoing project our team is working on the OTA update and also on the BLE Peripherals.

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