Dispensing Solution



Develop a Centralized Platform to effectively manage IIoT vending and locker systems.

The Client:

A major US Manufacturer and Solutions provider for Automated dispensing solutions with over 90 years of expertise in the IIoT industry.

Client Requirement:

A centralized platform had to be deployed to provision, configure, and enable transaction and processing for thousands of connected devices installed across the globe. There was a need to implement a robust cloud-based system. The model had to be Scalable to add new features as per client specifications Apart from all these, there had to be a reporting, analytics, and inventory management solution. A well-networked system with the scope to customize every aspect of service has to be put in place.

Our Solution:

Lanware not only build the centralized platform automated dispensing solutions but also implemented a robust cloud-based infrastructure to seamlessly manage online and offline transactions. We were able to scale the platform with additional features, specific to various industries the client served, such as healthcare, retail, and hospitality. We had our solution up and running in various corporate campuses and partner locations, within a limited time frame. Our team also delivered a hybrid mobile application for the client with built-in reporting analytics and inventory management.The use of advanced IIoT technologies ensured seamless integration of data from remote machines in the most secure way and enable authorized administrators to visualize real-time data including connectivity, health status, alert notifications, and recommended actions. Lanware resolved the logistically challenging task of updating the client’s firmware by providing an OTA firmware update solution by which the client could selectively release the update from anywhere.

Key Features:

A mechanism was evolved to activate the real-time tracking of machines deployed across various locations. A Web-based cloud application for the management of machines was created. Machine settings and configurations were initiated from the cloud application. Firmware updates were facilitated by the application. Dashboards and reports for data analysis were generated. A Cloud agnostic solution was deployed, with scalable deployment architecture.

Advantages of smart vending technology:

  • Fast and secure credit card and debit transactions from any location using security and authentication can be processed.
  • Tampering and product loss risks via built-in security controls can be reduced.
  • Environmental conditions using sensing technology to ensure that perishable items maintain quality can be monitored.
  • Inventory with data analytics that incorporate customer data into planning to ensure appropriately stocked vending machines can be tracked and managed.
  • Vending machine efficiency through remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to ensure that they don’t go out of order can be maximized.
  • New kiosks and mobile retail locations that are up and running fast to meet customer demand and expand business growth can be obtained.
  • Real-time data to improve decision making and drive greater profitability can be used.


.Net Core, AWS Cloud, Flutter (Hybrid Mobile App), SQL Server and Mongo DB, Redis for cache, Kubernetes used for cloud-agnostic solution deployment

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