Enterprise Mobile Applications - Much in Store ahead

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22 Feb , 2022

Enterprise mobile application development services

Numerically, you would require 14 digits to convert the value of the global mobile applications market revenue to Indian Rupees, a staggering 52 Lakh Crore or approximately $693 Bn.

In a market that is changing itself at lightning speed, keeping abreast with the latest trends and technologies is a task that would keep techies on their toes.

With the ubiquitous smartphone now becoming the prime access point of digital e-commerce, Enterprise Mobile Application Development Services are bound to have heydays ahead. A couple of years ago, little did we think that a good number on this planet would shop, eat, travel, get entertained, bank, or even attend classes, facilitated by these small handheld devices, almost from anywhere.

The android and ios together account for approximately 6 million apps worldwide. One can only comprehend the inroads that these apps have made across the broad spectrum of utilities that we could think of.

Also to be understood is the fact that mobile app development comes with a high level of risk and many apps fail. Hence developers have to keep track of the development trends that change over time, to be in sync with the latest and most suitable ones.

Enterprise Mobile App Services, therefore, need to keep pace with the changing equations- technological, political, social, and economic. Continuous learning, adaptation, and openness to change are critical as everything from backend services to hardware used and policy decisions would affect the development of such apps.


Emerging mobile technology like 5G can change the way apps are developed, with speed and efficiency traveling North, along with the volume of transactions processed. Reduced latency and quality of live streaming would improve. Mobile payments would improve drastically.

AR and VR would make shopping different and give customers a different experience. A virtual “live” concept would set in enabling a close to natural feeling. This two alone account for a good chunk of the app market today.

Enterprise App Development Solutions would also need to consider the foldable and wearable devices segments which are gaining prominence. Mobile entertainment and Gaming, Food and Grocery Delivery, e-commerce, AI and Machine Learning are just some of the areas where there would be drastic changes or a transformation to be clearer.

So also, blockchain, P2P transactions, Mobile Commerce, IoT, and Learning over the mobile would usher in a paradigm shift in the way we understand technology.

In every sphere, technology is at work, especially in the ones related to handheld devices, read mobiles. Our tendency to adapt and adopt technology for convenience and comfort has seen marked improvements in our usage with a thrust on coverage even in those areas where the internet was a dream.

The new concept of Digital assets or NFTs is opening up what appears to be a complex business platform, though with a propensity to buy and sell fast. This may very soon become common and reach a magnitude that could be compared to online trading of stocks and financial products.


What we are about to witness, possibly over the next few years would be a new technological experience and only time would tell us the level of change that would be brought about by such developments and how our lives would have an impact.

Without any surprise, we are going to watch with varied emotions, changes- of those in the technology front related to smartphones and other handheld devices- whose pace we may not be able to gauge.

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